Klubben in sunset

Klubben in sunset, a part of Honningsvåg harbor.Please click on the image for a bigger view or hover ...



WHAT IS AURORA BOREALIS? If you’re ever near the North Pole (like North Cape), you may be in ...


The beluga whale Hvaldimir

The beluga whale Hvaldimir Hvaldimir is a beluga whale that fishers near Hammerfest in northern Norway noticed in ...

Røyskatt en 30 cm lang sjarmør

Weasel at Magerøya

Weasel, at the island of Magerøya Weasel is a charm that can be found throughout all of Norway. ...


My bird photo collection

My bird photo collection from the area close to North Cape. These are some of the photos I ...

The globe at North Cape

Photo slides for my bus guests

Photo slides for my bus guests. As some of you might know my main income is not photo ...

Båt og tåke i Tjeldsund

Fog on the coast of Norway, how and why does it occur?

Fog on the coast of Norway, how and why does it occur? Coastal fog on the coast of ...


Birdsafari 29th of April 2018

On the 29.04.2018 I was on a bird safari arranged by “Nordkapp og omegn turlag” to celebrate the ...

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